Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 111.5

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  1. I love the story but ngl I hate all the male leads because they’re so disgusting with all they’re jealousy – also in this world can’t FL be a eeny weeny bit more dominant… I wanna see her make ’em listen like how women do to the man who is the “leader” of their harem… idk ty for reading my comment 🙂

  2. Anyone else think lishang was the guy with xingtu when she died the first time and that they at that time were still trying to awaken her powers not kill her but xingtu went overboard and really did it?

  3. wanted_clover26 and Chhoryi thank you both for the past two chapters -^-^-
    Thanks to you two i got two new chapters within just 2 days -^-^-

    Still an interesting/weird series i must say x) and yet i continue to read it not wanting to miss one update XD

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