Pupillary Master Chapter 68.5

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  1. I really really wish that Hades’ sickness will be completely cured already by her.

    Thank you very much for all of your Hardwork!!!

    1. Nope If she heal him the story like to be over
      Since He is so OP

      There’s similar Story MC is a doctor
      Lead Male have illness

  2. Thanks for the chapter!!! -^-^-
    I must say i thought it was the grandpa that was supposed to get assassinated no? x) Either I can’t remember name or ML did some switch and the assassins don’t know properly who they should assassinate or something X) OR I was just tricked by the comments on the last chapter XD 😉

    1. You were tricked by the comments.
      Actually before he used the spell to found her that costs him half his power, his guards said something that suggested the existence of people that wanted to get rid of him. But as the story is going on many levels, it was tricky.
      The grandpa was attacked by his own son using poison. No need to send assassins to finish the work.

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