Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 42.5

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7 Replies to “Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 42.5”

  1. Another scene of dumb FL not listening to others and would stroll around recklessly and make trouble. *facepalm* She is already a great burden to ML by making him threaten the King and she wants to cause more troubles in the palace. Please, your boredom is at least better than getting in trouble =,=

  2. Well, the hexagon sparkles are back, I thought they were a sign of spiritual energy but maybe it really is just the energy of an array… it would explain how she gets lost easily and makes sense for the palace.

  3. ughh wat kind of shitty makeup is that? I think she looks better with less, ya know, less is more?? hehe that’s just me though..ty for chaptres..preciate you…:)

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