Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 304.5

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  1. *sad* those were my favorite robes of his, silk doesn’t do well getting washed so I doubt warm rose water, probably with salts or minerals since they’re in his palace, are very good for them… stuff like this and the banquet before the New Years are excuses for the artist to change their attire I’m sure, but I’m gonna miss those purple robes… ty for the chapters

  2. just fyi those who find it weird cause she is 13, since olden time once a female reach puberty they can get married (same goes with male), though there are many cases that even though they are married they will wait till the female has finish puberty which is aprox 16-18 on average…. only quite recent do they make an age of 18 to get married but many other countries/states under age sex is as low as 14 even in the USA there are some as low as 14, some even don’t have age restriction as long as they are married (in the usa)… its only now adays people assume 18 is the age of marriage but in actual fact many is as low as 14, mostly 16 and generally 18

    1. For hundreds of years in ancient China the custom was for girls to be formally recognized as adults at 15 and boys at 20. Afterward, if they didn’t marry, the parents were liable for a HUGE tax penalty. Hence, for poor families, a combo wedding and coming-of-age party wasn’t uncommon for financial reasons.
      Here in Georgia, the age of consent is 16. Some of my friends got married while in high school. Its 18 in most states though.

  3. I don’t like how they changed his face he looks old like he’s 30 or older. How old is he to want to bathe with a 13 year old? Even though she’s a grown woman in a child’s body lol.
    I don’t know where this is going I feel like there needs to be a time skip or something.
    I do like there relationship though at least he wants to marry his fiance 😂

    1. Well to operate his legs she probably had to see him almost naked and you can take a bath with some clothes on you, so I think the intentions of the nine prince are more innocents that you think.

    1. I think it was said already when she cured his leg long time ago (I forgot which chapter it is). This is part of their strategy so his enemies wouldn’t know that his leg can be used normally already.

      I think this is totally a sound strategy. Perfect if the enemies want to catch or kill him but find the prince could move from his wheelcahir and certainly could kill them.

    2. It is a palace, where walls have ears and ceiling have eyes… untill all the trouble are uprooted things must be in proper order…

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