Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 173.2

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  1. Idiots. Seriously idiots 🙄. They know themselves that she betrayed them. They just dont wanna accept it. Lololz

  2. oh wow… they fell into her trap lolz tbh i dont actually feel bad cuz it was their fault for following the bitch :p

  3. omg it turns out sangran made them as a food toward the beast 🤣

    and people would defend her likewise 😌

    thanks leaf and team~

  4. Ugh… I wish I could upvote or like comments. But yeah I agree that Coffin Face should just die and that whole row of hypocritical idiots need to just go. Also I want to watch the old lady and not blue haired bitch as well. Waiting for the finale already even though I know we got probably a long way to go. I hope everyone saw how she trapped all those people to be eaten or are they going to pull “oh no she was trying to save them but then it backfired”?

  5. It’s pretty blatant that she trapped and murdered all her followers. Does she know she’s been on camera the whole time?

  6. Sangran did nothing wrong. xD
    if she were the MC then readers would cheer her on for being ruthless as a cultivator should be. for being so smart at using those disgusting tagalongs who juts want to leech
    etc. etc, I have seen too many chinese MC who’d make Sangran look like a Saint 😛

    1. That’s a very interesting point of view. I still hate her for the things she had done (for example: killing master Fluffy just for not taking her as an apprentice), but you’re right about her being no worse than usual MCs.

    2. You have, have you? I can’t say I’ve read a single chinese korean or japanese story where the MC kills innocent people for their own benefit.
      Some of them may not care when morons get themselves killed. But they are not as evil as Sangran.
      Even the revenge story MC’s only kill bad people.
      Sangran kills everyone, uses anyone for her own benefit regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. She has no morals at all.
      She is a text book villain.

    3. I mean your not wrong people probably still might have gotten mad at her for doing stuff like killing fluffy or really just being a b**** but they would still see her in the good guy in the end because the author would twist it that way for me if the mc is gonna be a bad person I prefer if they don’t try to hide it behind fake morals or pretend to be good thats what i cant stand so i would still hate her

    4. oh I dont like her and its gonna be fun when she gets her comeuppance

      but there are too many Chinese MCs who do far worse and are blatantly hypocritic about it. I just found it funny when I compared it for myself to one of those MCs

  7. Blue haired bitch is on the move! Making it seem like she had nothing to do with what happened -_-

    Fun to see some old faces but i still miss a lot of the good old faces :””(

    And right Thanks SOOOOOOOOO Much for the chapter :D<3<3<3<3<3<3

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