Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 303.5

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  1. Yo, I just love this eunuch. 😂😆Ya just can’t not like him at all when he’s got such a wicked sense of humor and a savage tongue at that too.🤩🤣😏

  2. Just for some light backstory, to my understanding the eunuch has been with the emperor since they were kids. Like a childhood playmate for royalty, but in order to be a part of the inner palace family, as a non royal, all male servants must be castrated (to prevent rogue servants/secret agents from other countries from usurping the throne by planting their blood related offspring in a position of power and to keep consorts safe in general). Anyways, this particular eunuch would be closer to a brother to the emperor than his real brothers (because they never would suspect murderous intent from each other for the throne and probably lived in closer proximity) so even if he gives the eunuch crap for speaking cheekily, he isn’t really being serious.

  3. I love that eunuch so much😂 all the other servants are so afraid of losing their head if the do something wrong. And this dude is hear being sassy and sarcastic towards the king😂😂

  4. So, can we all agree that this eunuch is related to Ah Heng? I mean, those lines, maybe he’s the real dad, not that feng failure.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work Leaf and Co! God bless you!

    1. I doubt that the eunuch is directly related to Aheng. After all, isn’t one of the common requirements to become a eunuch castration?

      1. I don’t quite understand how the eunuch being castrated has anything to do with his familial relations.He cannot continue his bloodline, but his family that already exists (father, mother, brother, sister, aunt..etc.) don’t suddenly become unrelated. I don’t know if he is related to Aheng or not, but castration doesn’t remove family ties.

        1. Although it is true that the eunuch cannot be her father. He could be an uncle or something…maybe not. Her father is certainly Feng idiot. Her mother does not seem like the type of woman to step out on her marriage. In ancient times it was a big deal and a woman would have to risk her life if she wanted to have an affair. We just have to accept that he is her father. You can’t chose your family. You don’t have to like them, but you can’t pick them.

      2. Doesn’t have to be blood related, it’s burn master related 😅
        Maybe he’s from the same previous world as Ah Heng.
        Either way, in the past 3-5 chapters most of the fun came from this awesome eunuch.
        “Yes, you won’t get kicked out, you will get beaten out” ~ them epic lines

        1. I think it’s just because aheng saved him in previous chapter when the maid from her mother in law comes to feed her. Before the maid said that originally the king will get a dimsum but bcos the eunuch shoo her, he doesn’t. But aheng made it so that it was that feng fault, not the eunuch. I think he is just being grateful.

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