Above All Gods Chapter 112.5

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17 Replies to “Above All Gods Chapter 112.5”

  1. 1rst chapter: you scared?
    2nd chapter:…
    3rd chapter: You scared?
    4th chapter: …
    5th chapter: no
    6th chapter: You arrogant trash, You scared?

  2. seriously…talking to much..just fight already lol….huede it doesnt matter he uses them cause mc gona slaughter whoever is in his path lol

  3. the dude looks so weak that MC could back slap him and his head would explode…
    & yet he still is talking trash to the OP MC

  4. id take the 20 moves and torture him for 19 moves then cut off his limbs on the 20th move easy then i would forfeit and then he would be the successor and it would be funny when they beg for me to instead become the successor

  5. Thankkkk youuuu veryyyy much for the update
    He is going tooo killl himmmm yeesssss goooo killl them alllllll yesssssss
    I really want to read the next chapterrrrrr yessss

  6. LOL. That arrogant, insignificant ant is so dead. He dug his own grave, he can’t blame anyone else but his arrogance. Their jaws are gonna drop all the way down to hell when they see their trump card get defeated😈 im looking forward to the next chapter.

    Tysm for a lot of updates😊 hope you get just as much rest and take care of yourself🥰

  7. You asked for it…
    Remember 2 things… That’s something he can do and he can’t
    To cripple you… Of course something he can do… So prepare to die

  8. well, he is totally dead. He is going to continue until our MC accepts it. Once he does the other sector will then blame our MC for killing his best disciples but didn’t their friend tried to save him?? MC just kill them all including that smart villain lol

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