Pupillary Master Chapter 65.5

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14 Replies to “Pupillary Master Chapter 65.5”

  1. This cat and mouse chase is quite annoying, just sleep with him or escape and be done with that stalker, he’s being forgiven because he’s good looking but he’s a creeper and possessive on top of it.

    1. Grammar mistake: “and possessive on top of it” -> “and possessive on top of her”. Pretty bad, but one saving grace is that he does not seem to want to finish what he started.

    2. Tell me about it their not in a relationship he’s not her boyfriend, fiancé or husband they don’t have an agreement to not see other people. He’s what 1000 yrs older and he’s acting like a crazed lunatic stalker its freaking embarrassing to watch.

  2. Lord Thirsty has totally lost his mind is he gonna rape her? I thought he’s suppose to be alot weaker now cant she break free if she wanted too?

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