Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 86

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Please give your thanks to TypischAndy! This arc is ending soon!



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  1. Guys its not a detour, we just got the main villains background. Who the heck do you think “the young master” is?

  2. this detour itself wasnt that bad, just that it was illconcieved for for a weekly? update rate from the author

    hope the author learns from this, also looking forward to the continuation of the main story

  3. All I remember of the main story was they went into that treasure realm and the guy who owned the thing was using them to steal their power or something. MC and the other girl got jacked muscles cause of a spell but ended up getting separated when they entered.

    1. Well, you remembered more recent events than me… I got to this and was like ‘I think they met fighting a demon tiger thing and the village got destroyed, she was adopted, she climbed a mountain… and stuff happened for several more chapters… then this side story took over, the end’ lol. Didn’t a door eat weapons and some butterfly scarf dude gave orbs that glowed because of her and he wants to eat her? I just hope this side story seemed longer than it really is because we’ve all been stuck at home waiting for chapters, but I know deep down it’s not and now I gotta read it all again lol. Been meaning to ask, is his brother the same as the kid with the souls who snuck into their sect?

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