Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 167.6

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  1. Well not to hate but the maid became selfish she only view things her way shes not good in judging situation especially what happened between her and our FL…

  2. Oh how I wish Molian have a happy end and I hope he does end up as a disposable characer to form up drama and that he will die to protect our fl

  3. The maid is annoying. She is pissed becaouse the fl “abandoned” her, this doesn’t make sense, the fl was in a fight, was taking a beating, but the maid couldn’t see that, but cud see that it was only some steps, and if it was only some steps, why not scream to ler her know were you were… That desn’t make sense at all… But I still like the story

  4. i smell jealousy in dongling..

    did molian’s eyes shining? yeah thats my imaginary things 😂 how happy molian is for now.. i hope molian can treasure the time for now and for what happens next 🙂

    thank you stephii and leaf for the hard work!!

  5. Wait Moilan eyes shined… He can see FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And now I don’t like the maid.

    Thanks for the update Team Leaf!!!

  6. Thanks for uploading! It is weird that I am just happy that the ice bird is alive and not care about the prince. Hope Dongling (maid) will be close to her again.

  7. Thank you for the chapter, poor Molian such a amazing character with such a sad past(probably)
    Hope that he wont get such a hard future in this series<3 <3<3

    Happy to know that the ice phoenix is alive at least! I was wondering what happened to it and ofc ML, but knowing that ice phoenix is alive gives more hope for ML <3

    Looking forward to more chapters as always <3<33<3

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