Goddess Creation System Chapter 304.5

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7 Replies to “Goddess Creation System Chapter 304.5”

  1. “let me go out, or i’ll destroy it..”

    Yup, its bad qi right there, blackmailed the person who just a moment ago ‘temporarily keep her sanity’..

    Thank you leaf-sama..

  2. thank for the chapter <3<3<3 must say i cant remember what that flute does, hmmm… or perhaps this is the first time seeing it? x)

    1. It’s from the other guy with the white hair. He told her to play the flute when she got clues or want to see him.

  3. System: MC you have progressed very well so far….

    Xiaxi: *Drops his article*

    System: *…………..*

    Baobao: *Palm Face*

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