Sijin Chapter 1 *NEW*

Uncategorized / Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

The art looks like “Beauty of the century” but it’s not. We have completed season 1 of BC and we will not be continuing with season 2. The summary of this series is about a girl who turned back time to 15 years old and she fixes all the mistakes in her life and takes revenge on those who had harmed her and her family. She also has knowledge of her past so she knows how to us “gu” which are worms/bugs with special properties that can do many things. It’s a good drama to read so if you’re into palace drama, with beautiful smart female lead, then this is the one. I have read the chinese novel quite far and I promise you won’t regret it 😀 Finally please give your thanks to Banana_Pie!



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  1. i love palace drama and thank you for letting us know even promise it! thank you leaf and banana_pie!!

    i wonder why suddenly new series but it turns out beauty of the century s 1 is already ended! thank you for the hard work leaf and team~

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