Sijin Chapter 1.5 *NEW*

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  1. you ungrateful brat! you didnt deserve her at the first place! she is such beauty but you dare to say that words in front of her who didnt know anything.. if you sad and upset why wont you deny the marriage and let her be~ dont cover up your ugly rumour -_- i really hate you to the point that im willingly took my time to type this comment -_-

    well girl! you deserve better~ dont marry someone who didnt love you pls

    thank you leaf and banana_pie!! it was so funny that we are complaining from the start of this series lmao 🤣

  2. I hope this fl will take the approach of su luxia in exacting reveng, haha I would love to see that..if she starts being a flakey and stupid fl im gonna drop it like peerless concubine..gah..that was aweful…and tyvm for chaptres and this new series..

    1. the groom is an asshole. is her fault for being beautiful? She was born that way stupid boy. If you were a real man you would have said no and say, I won’t belong to this family, disown me! and go be happy with the girl he loved. He is body-shaming her just because she is beautiful. A person can be beautiful or ugly but can’t discriminate against them cuz of that. Get to know the person. I hate this guy. I am sure he is not the ML cuz there was flowers int he backgrounds lol. the ML will show up later,.

  3. The art is beautiful. I hope she’s stronger and more vengeful than BC. I dropped BC because I really couldn’t stand the guys in it and how helpless the MC always seemed. Although dropping this marriage much be a bit difficult. She should just make sure he dies with his lover this time around :p

  4. I hope this MC isn’t as braindead as the MC in Beauty of the Century and doesn’t pick a stupid prick to be the ML :’x

  5. I already hate this guy. Seriously hoping he’s not the ML. Like seriously? You guys planned to drown together, and when you were saved you vent your anger to the one girl who did not have anything to do with it? Fuck him. And who even knows if this Qiaoniang is even that pure to begin with.

  6. Hello, I thought the same thing as the others said. I hope she will take a good and sweet revenge against him and won’t end with him… Another ML is needed here!! x) It’s only the beginning and we are all complaining XD too funny

    Thanks Banana Pie and Leaf :3! xoxo
    Banana Pie is really good by the way x)

  7. I like the art and the mc seems good. But if I catch even a whiff of this dude becoming the ml imma drop it. I really hate it when the mc ends up with the one who caused them the most pain
    Thanks Banana_Pie and Leaf!

  8. i hope she doesn’t fall for him this time and he doesn’t fall for her nor be the ml
    thank you for this new looks quite good XD 😉

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