Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 168.2

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  1. “Dying means being eliminated”…..?!
    No, dear. Dying means, “You’re Dead!!!” Lol.
    At that point, elimination doesn’t matter. Dumb blond.

    Thanks for the chapter updates, Leaf and crew!

  2. thank you thank you thank you 😀 to leaf and Typisch Andy~

    woah the final start already~ can yan moge and our xiaowan takes their time to find the treasure as long they want and at the same time do what couples usually do? yep i know this is the real war huft~

  3. why do we even waste time on this story, each chapter is like 15 seconds and its done, we wait a week for 30 seconds. im done with this shit

  4. Thank You so much leaf… the game is getting interesting, no one will try to kill an old grandma right?? Nice plan Lianwan, you are a hero!! hwaitiing!!

  5. I feel like these competitions they hold, where they pick out the talented people, and then most of them get murdered might explain why they don’t have too many talented crafters…

    1. Thats what I said before, this seems to be aimed at killing off all the talented professions rather than anything useful

    2. I think you may be onto something. But maybe it’s like a supply and price situation, where the fewer there are, the higher the prestige.

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