Pupillary Master Chapter 57.1

Uncategorized / Friday, May 29th, 2020

If you had enjoyed this series you can support it by turning off your adblocker! Hope everyone is still doing well. Trump talking tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes




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  1. People of her resident don’t even know her identity… wut? She said “Return to the Luo Family” and “Dare to mess with my Luo Family” like 10+ times by now

    1. Maybe they know her family but think their master is like an older male cousin or brother? She’s been dressed as a boy and they always use the neutral or male terms when referring to their master. Also, they respect her and jump at orders right away they may not hear her or maybe don’t care. This universe seems ok with cross dressing and homosexual relationships, even if they do regard them as unusual oddities (and let’s face it, that’s kinda how we treat it rl, like for some reason personal relationships mean a damn to anyone not in them).

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