Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 167.4

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  1. Yeah finally the clingy prince is gone I never like him,she dosnt need a guy she has to rescue or constantly save thats what his moms for. Molian or the Godly Dragon is way better at least she wont have to deal with concubine cause their not royalty unlike the prince.

  2. Lianyi is the main lead but his screen time is seriously so low, we won’t be seeing him again for 50+- more episodes I think now? At this point I’m wondering doesn’t the author like Lian Yi 😆

    1. Hell No he’s not the lead she’s the MC the story got nothing to do with him I’m glad the side character gone he’s boring as hell I just hope that ICE is okay.

  3. im agreeing with i want nobody dies story~

    but yeah it so sad if feng lianyi dies but can he dies? from his own pet guardian? i think no.. and the ice phoenix i hope he will survive too..

    i maybe selfish but happiness for molian and yue cant be established on someone mourning 🙁

    but.. i know he isnt the ML so im not gonna force it i just want molian didnt die and fall in love with another one or just loving her without having her is enough.. i want molian happy, thats enough..

    thank you for the hard work stephii and leaf~

  4. Molian is cute and I like him too but I hate how the mc+prince went back to save him but once the prince in danger molian stops the mc from going?? He just seems a bit too selfish and possessive recently…I get its dangerous but let her do what she wants like the prince would :). Not really liking the close contact with mc when he isnt the ml either…would accept it if he was but he isn’t so no thanks just stop please and find someone else.

    1. Prince also did the same thing to molian stop beiyue to find molian.. but she insisting to find him because molian he is pure and honest person she knows.. check the previous chapter.

      1. What made that clingy prince think that Molian was guarding his back, Molian only cares for BeiYue and only her he doesn’t even see the rest of them.

      2. Yea I know the prince stopped her but he didnt grab her and hold her back so strongly like molian did…in the end the prince didnt fight back and they went to save molian. Even though the prince has hes own thoughts on her safety because he likes her, he still wont completely stop her from doing what she wants whereas it seems as if molian will completely monopolise her and not let her do anything at all if given the chance…honestly molian and mc arent even that close and hes getting a bit too handsy with the mc i hate it (i know molian is honest and all but its a bit over the top considering they dont know each other well)…whereas the mc and prince have known each other for longer and they like each other.
        In the end i just hate people who get in the way of the obvious ship of the story lol

  5. wow… WOWW??? seriously if this deja vu thing happened again… sheesh also don’t die prince and the ice phoenix T^T oh and i thought molian was blind?

  6. NO! ML cant die! and the ice fenix cant die either!

    And GOOOO MOLIAN <3<3<3 so cute <3<3<3
    still breaks my heart that he's not the ML tho x) -^-^-

  7. I wonder if it’s gonna come back to bite her like it did with her ex maid that now hates her for leaving her for dead, I wonder if the same will happen with him if he will hate her for leaving or be glad she was taken so she won’t get hurt can’t wait to find out I hope he’s alive

  8. Is the bird okay? Also can she summon the ice sword if the bird is dead? I don’t care about that dull prince just save the bird

    1. HAhahaa I agree although I know it seems kinda heartless celebrating the Prince’s death but hey at least Molian will finally have a chance.

  9. Noooooo……….he can’t die. she was finally able to love someone and she didn’t even get the time to be with him. that is not fair.

  10. betting its an illusion, why would he have been flying in on her own summon and where did his injury go.

  11. As someone who has been reading this from the beginning I don’t want any one to die. Beiyue should keep them both and start a harem 😉

    1. My favorit comment! I like Molian, veru much, but I also like how she grow fond of the prince… So why not both!? And her bird is a Phoenix, can it be reborn again?

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