Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 33.5

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  1. gosh!! good job leaf and blank!! i love you guys so much wuwuwuwu

    they are so cute together! darn! i hope my future husband is like the prince ahahaha

  2. Wow.. This happened way sooner than I would’ve expected. In most of the xianxia I’ve read, stuff like this would take at least 200-300 chapters to happen.

    I love how she behaves exactly the same now as before she got her human form and it makes me wonder if she acted like that before becoming a fox.

  3. My brain just ruined the moment. I immediately thought of when that character in Chibi Maruko Chan said “baby.”

  4. Aahhhh in every chapter i was like :- “fuck man when will u change into himan form amd start ur love story ” and now i am like ” noooo it’s too early for u to change ” T_T😁

  5. oh la la la… angry face where’s your resistance for the crybaby? hehe love it…. thanks leaf and team

    1. Yeah, I hate it when artists ruin it by not paying attention to things like that. I love RWBY, but they have 2 sets of ears in that too (all but the new sheep girl) and I just don’t get why. It’s like, if you want to give someone shark teeth, you put them in their mouth where normal teeth would have been, claws replace fingernails, scales replace skin, feathers replace hair, but for no reason let’s just give them an extra set of ears. I was really hoping she would have fox ears in this series and now… I wish they had just chosen 1, I don’t really care which.

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