Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 294.5

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  1. Ah, Eunuch Zhang is such a sweetheart. He doesn’t know how strong Ah Heng is and got so worried for her. Eunuch Zhang, you will face some troubles in the future but you’re strong and kind, Ah Heng will do her best to help you ^^

  2. If it follows the story, she’ll be there for a while. Daddy dearest being an idiot never thought to do the same as her. He shows up much later, Emperor is unimpressed. She is given food sent by Concubine Yun (Emperors favorite, who loves him, but does not share her time with him because he never told her he was the Emperor before getting her pregnant) when he finds, out… it makes him even more pissed and he throws a big boy tantrum about it.

    Fight was 356. A-Heng drops a… mild bombshell on Ming Er around 375 when they begin Steel Refinement. He already figured some of what she says.

    1. hi there,

      I just read you message and it seemed to me you were spoiling it all for the rest of us. I might be wrong as I am not a native English speaker and if it is so, I apologize.


  3. king : “what? he hurt my steel ref- i mean my ‘Daughter’. bit him until he’s half dead!”
    county : “welllll….”

  4. “the third prince had been studying under big martial sects and practicing martial arts since young. he was taught by several sect headmasters and is extremely powerful! servant knows servant should not say this but the third prince is a violent man. there will not be any advantage in it for you to fight with him! and it is almost time for you to refine steel, your majesty specifically ordered to not let you encounter any danger, you…. that is not right! the third prince clearly knows that you are very important to dashun, so why would he hurt you?”

    “i beat him.”


  5. Haha it’ll be really embarrassing for the third prince once people find out he was almost beat to death by Aheng instead of the other way around (≧▽≦)
    Thanks for the chapter Leaf!

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