Above All Gods Chapter 102.5

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  1. dam thats painful
    Huode tried being reasonable with these characters
    and just seeing this all over again makes me feel real bad
    Huode doesn’t deserve this boss, he doesn’t deserve this kinda treatment

  2. Do they call everyone they dislikes evildoers? The victim they’re talking about is yet to get angry, but here we are fanning the flames and getting annoyed. ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

  3. “He’s not strong” “foundational failure”
    bro he wiped his ass with your whole sect, elders included… you’re next

  4. Hoping that the new group of idiots won’t stay as long as the old one. They just threatened MC friend and insulted MC. If the friend still sticks up for them despite that then MC should just toss them all in the volcano, friend included.

  5. hahaha.. . go huode.. . go for it .. . let them eat their shit .. . 😂😂😂

    thanks for the update😘

  6. Wow, you’re not allowed to be mean to Huode! Looking forward to them re-enacting the scene of themselves begging for mercy on their knees ^^

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