Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 32.5

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14 Replies to “Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 32.5”

  1. Well now that they’ve said that you know the next thing that will happen is he’s gonna be mortally injured and dying and she gives him blood to save his life.

  2. So basically, Queen Elizabeth || was one of those people who got the blood of a spiritual fox. I wanna know why people decided to drink the blood of a fox in the first place.

  3. Is the emperor really that gullible, jumping up as soon as he heard a few words from some random musician about immortality?
    Thanks for the chapter Leaf, I hope you get well soon!

  4. Well uh if so many foxes went extinct, how come there aren’t any people with immortal life so far?



    1. Immortal people tend to go to places with more fun, or they pretend to be mortal to avoid idle curiosity, e.g. what it would take to kill them.

  5. I hate the musician already. Let me guess, he is trying to make the emperor take the fox and then steal it from the emperor.

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