Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 167.2

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    1. Ikr you can’t just spoil what happens next.
      All the hard work the author has put in to create the chapters just all goes to waste if you just spoil it like that.

  1. Molian… snif…. The covers was so beautiful, I was crying over it knowing he will die …. x'(

    Thanks for all the good work till now Leaf, Stephii, Blank, Tipisch 😀

  2. Ah~ I know endgame according to other people already mentioned is already Prince and all and Molian dies but reincarnates but he really IS such a great character despite being introduced halfway! AND his chemistry with MC is just sooo good.

  3. the cover.. autho’s probably warning us not to ship molian and beiyue xD can’t helped it.. molian x beiyue shipppp sailllll

  4. Aaaaaahhh!!!!!!!! Hahahahhaa gooo molian!!!! 💕💖💟💗💌💓💕♥️💘🖤💛🖤🖤💙💝🧡💝💌💓💌💕💓💌💖💌🖤💌💗💕💓🖤💓💌💗❣️💞♥️💕❣️💘💛💘💛💗💜💓💘💖❣️💗💟💗💘💘💞💝💕❣️💗💌💗🖤💗

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