The Peerless Concubine Chapter 152.5

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  1. Where is my update? I can’t live without my updates!!! Help!!!😵😵😵😵 Someone give us an update!!!! And when you do, you owe the readers (us) 4 chapters!
    Thanx! Hope to read soon!!!!

  2. Come on Ruge, he only looks at you like that!!! I can’t wait until everyone finds out that Ruge is going to the alchemist competition! Ruge is an alchemist!!! What can’t she do! Yan family and Ling family lost a jewel!! And Bai Chuoming is a loser!!😝😝😝😝😝

  3. Haha masterDu, and principle….I have to go back to read the previous chapter because I thought they are the same!!!! So confused!!!!

    1. master DU is the owner of the auction house. The met and talked at the beginning of the story when she was making and selling her pills. the principle is the leader of the sect, and Lin Ruge is a disciple. She entered the sect after she got her match with her ex-fiance

  4. “there’s no way he would look at me that way”? girl, that’s like the *only* way he looks at you (as the tn also mentions lol)

  5. I also confused Master Du with the principal 🤦‍♀️ I’m excited to see what will happen at the competition
    Thanks for the chapter Leaf!

  6. sweet (-.-) like it

    Master Du and the principal have the same face… I was thinking they were the same person X’D Shame on me

    Thanks Leaf and all the team members for your incredible work, really grateful 😀 <3333

    1. you are not the only one that got confused with master Du and the principal.. I even thought they are the same person in the beginning and then change to.. maybe they are twin?.. lol

  7. haha the ad i got just after reading this chapter worked in so well. it said “I’VE GOT IT! I’M MARRYING HIM”.
    thanks so much Leaf and Team for all that you do i look forward to reading all you upload everyday

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