The Peerless Concubine Chapter 151

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  1. For all those confused… The author didn’t forget that the mc was reborn, in fact, they are once again referencing her being reborn by bringing in her teacher/master for the first time in this chapter. Yes, she does have a master (as she use to be a 3rd realm heavenly path cultivator of the celestial sect before she was killed and her soul destroyed). She even said in this chapter, “my teacher is a soul spirit who had disappeared for over 10,000 years” (which references her time as an immortal in the celestial sect). Yes, she made the pills herself but to stop people from asking how she can refine the pills, she never said anything about her master giving her the pills instead she said she knew an experienced alchemist who gave her those pills. It is in the last chapter that she finally lets it be known that the experienced alchemist acquaintance is her teacher/master which is why she was asked if she too was an alchemist. If you read carefully he had originally asked her to invite her alchemist friend to the competition but she said he couldn’t go. The “teacher/master” that told her to go is her spirit soul teacher/master who had disappeared 10,000 years ago that’s why she was surprised to hear from it again.

  2. Well she doesn’t have a master, she just says that she has one so people won’t ask how she’s able to make high ranked pills

  3. Wait! What?! I thought she was lying about the master. I don’t remember ever seeing him before. Is this the first time he appeared or did he appear in early chapter?

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