Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 293.5

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  1. Yeah she has a contract that states everything out and he even broke the contract and pulled a dagger on her. Plus she didn’t actually kill him which can be seen as being merciful (which seems to be a big thing to people in Ancient China) so I don’t see how she’s in the wrong hahaha

    1. You think these things are reasonable? If you have a death contract wiith a prince, you are expected to die or your whole family dies.

      Of course she has the steel refining so they cant kill her but they can still kill her family.

      1. She’s the future Queen already and the king supports her actions reread the part before she hid the supposedly a soon to be queens

  2. ¡Gracias por el capitulo!, ¡Me encanta la serie!. Thanks for the chapter! i love the series!

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