Above All Gods Chapter 101.5

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  1. Is it just me or is pretty much every character in this manhua oppressively pessimistic towards the MC? Corruption left and right, and the people who are supposed to be the strongest of the sect are indecisive, and seemingly weak and cowardly trying to determine which way the sect should be destroyed in the best way possible. It’s either an immediate death/or slavery, or a slow and painful draining of resources, until nothing is left. At this rate, if it were me, I’d just wash my hands of the entire sect by disbanding it. At least it would give the younger generation a chance to cultivate elsewhere in a new sect that doesn’t deprive them of freedom of choice, or rob them of resources. lmao
    Thanks for the update guys, looking forward to the next (hoping for some momentum in this manhua, at this time, it seems to be taking a wrong turn, and stuck in an underwhelming, and repetitive state)

    1. you are right but the sect is slowly dropping as huede mention, their actions and corruptions that is the very reason why it is dropping, mayb for personal temp gains, maybe ignorant of the drop of sect due to their actions or mayb pure ego/idiocy… mc has a “trashy” what was it called again? meriderian? whatever it is but according to mc that is just a minor part on growing strong (i strongly believe he’s is to unique for them to comprehend) but they do not understand that as they are stuck in where ever they are for thousand of years probably because they only depend on that thinking they are one of the strongest out there (but where they are is just a tiny sect of the universe)

  2. Older people who gone senile needs some careful and heartwarming slaps..but how many slaps they needed i wonder? If too many they will break

    1. Well older people usually have a new god, it’s called “age” they will look down on “younger” and “new” and have 1001 excuses to want people to lick their feet

  3. welp i’ll just be waiting for the moment MC line everybody up and slap them one by one and they can’t do anything about it. XD

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