Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 63.2

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  1. Thanks for the update. I… don’t understand her thought process. I admit, she has her right to get mad/jealous if someone is willingly using her pet to get close to a prince but if said prince not only isn’t offended and is showing favor for said pet, you don’t just casually harm it. Her poor servants though, they merely listened for them dumb miss and got their fingers cut

  2. Does the county really think the prince will pick her up after she weakly (fake) falls to the floor. Please you can see a man hungry b’tch a mile off and he is probably use to it! Get a life county and put on some clothes, she looks like hooker. Isn’t her mom a concubine or mistress! Jealous of a little girl!!!

  3. LMAO. She had all that energy to harm the little cutie but now pretending to be weak. 🤔🤣 As if the Prince would not notice such a huge change. 😛😆 Oh well dumb dumb bïtch.

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