Goddess Creation System Chapter 301.5

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  1. Since this Guy is not that Shengong Shuofeng, what if he’s not her target, but Fierce?
    Maybe one is the legitimate master and one a son of a concubine, they seem like brothers anyway. And maybe they switched identities at one point. And isn’t her target the master of that pavilion or something? Maybe that’s Fierce’s position

    1. I like the way you think, it’s a good theory, they do seem similar in a way. However, she’s racking up charm points with both of them anyways, so either way it should work out.

  2. So, the conflict in this arc that requires her intervention hete is definitely to find a common ground/compromise between both sides ideologies (and somehow fix Fierce and the targets relationship). The Baigu while full of good and interesting people whose methods are just all black and white and while understandable and an easy way to survive, can’t fully save those already d*mned souls on the long run. Current target’s issue is more of a personality issue and a victim of circumstance (him being forced to an engagement)

      1. That is what i also think. Seeing as they also have the same hair colour ;P but mostly from the clues left in previous chapters -^-^-
        Will be interesting if it is like other people here suggested, that it actually is Fierce that is her target. But i hope it’s the demon mask guy 😛 -^-^- must say i have started to fall for him x)

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