Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 97

Uncategorized / Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Please give your thanks to Raven Wytch! I still ship her with xingtu :/



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  1. ‘If you had said you’d always loved me’ Ooooh fuck oooff! Am I supposed to feel sorry for her here? Be on her side? She’s being a manipulative shit here and this just showcases her massive delusions and how she lies to herself. I mean, really, why…WHY would he have always loved you? You raped him, stole his virginity and tarnished his reputation which forced him to lose his priesthood, which was his passion. This ostracized him, which forced him to marry you. You then continued to force yourself on him and made him your possession. At least in the past, she didn’t understand she had done any of this. But I mean, goddamn, she had come to this revelation herself and even felt guilty. Where did that go? Back to victim blaming?

    Ugh. Jeez. I sometimes really can’t stand her. The people in her life deserve a hell of a lot better.

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