Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 97.5

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  1. I don’t feel sorry for him. He deserved that actually, hiding your feelings will not be good thing for him or for our girl

  2. Why!!!??? 😭💔 He loved you so dearly!! And you, him!! Why can’t they just communicate and not have so much misunderstanding!!
    Don’t remember, but did she tell him about their baby, her pregnancy?!?! 🤔

  3. I am actually that he gave up. They both need to move on. This is now her life experience. She will learn, for sure, to no love anyone after she learns the guy that is so obsessed with her doesn’t love her and is using her for more than what he already told her.

    She really needs to be a person who can’t love. She might lust and enjoy the company of people and might even have people who are loyal and love and even car for her, she should not allow her heart to fall in love.

    She never learned to be smart or cautious. If she would have matured enough then loving someone wouldn’t be a problem but to her, as a person, it is a big problem. It is like who are susceptible to drugs.

  4. Question is: will the wedding go through before the next plot is revealed? The whole plan was to cause her to loose her virginity. Is what BXT said true, that she already fell in love with her soon to be husband? How will she feel when she find out that he’s playing both sides and working for the villains?

    Is BXT really gonna let her go just like that?! Come on man! Just for once in your life tell her you actually loved her too.

    Thanks Raven for the release!

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