Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 292.5

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  1. You mean the King won’t let YOU off. The king would side with Aheng esp when the King hear that you tried to kill Aheng future husbando, the most beloved of all prince, 9th Prince. Oh certainly he won’t let You off.

  2. “Father King wouldn’t let you off”

    Yeah, go crying to your daddy about it you chicken. ’cause you can’t do anything about it, so you’ll just whine to daddu and throw tantrums now, huh? XD

  3. Erm, in the second panel, the feng idiot is thinking [Third prince] but that feels wrong. I think that is supposed to be [7th prince], or maybe [9th prince], considering what the 7th mentions in the ending of the previous part.
    I know it’s been 2-3 chapters since they signed that contract, but did the 3rd fool actually forget what that meant? Baddies gonna be baddies.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work Leaf and Co! God bless you!

    1. He’s saying 3rd prince because the person he supports, is on the ground battered and bruised, but he can’t show actual support in public atm due to A-Heng’s revelations and actions. He isn’t calling the 7th prince the 3rd. It’s just awkward dialog.

      1. Ah, I see. I thought he was surprised to see the 7th prince appearing, but I forgot it might just be that the feng idiot was thinking about his wasted almost former not-really-an-ally. Well, if the feng idiot actually thought the 3rd prince was his ally, then I should change the nickname to the feng stupid idiot.

  4. Don’t worry 3rd prince.. your father king wont let you off hahaha… compare with our Ming-er… the king won’t hesitate to cut your head off hahahah

  5. Wow he really brought up his father at an attempt to keep Aheng at bay💀. Wrong move
    Thanks for the chapter Leaf!

  6. This prince truly never learns does he *sigh* such a fool how could he expect to live…if not Aheng than Ming’Er will kill him. Also I love the energy the wife was giving seeing as how she sided with Aheng and was willing to finish the job for her, she deserves much better than that foolish prince. Alas all who harm those who are loved by Aheng shall no of an experience worse than death. I can’t wait until she can fully avenge Yaoshi ^~^

  7. ahahahah, the king won’t let Aheng off you say?? well to bad for you, the ninth prince’s legs almost recover and the king’s just acting anyway. Dumbass people. XD

    1. you know what people said (maybe?) “sometimes death is a blessing” since there’s fate worse than dying easily.

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