Pupillary Master Chapter 54.5

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  1. i didnt know either she is know her master is a girl or not..

    from i see, she is impersonated her brother so the bloodline still can grow(?) idek 🤔

    anyway thank you leaf and everyone else 😆

    1. I think only MC does, her family is dead (? they were quick in explaining this, so maybe they’ll find survivors?) and the slaver/other slaves and enemy family all called her in a male pronoun type way. The MC has been very carefully to kick ppl out when examining her too. Her enemies lackey called her ‘third young master’ so she’s either always dressed masculine, it’s her family’s secret, or she impersonated a brother I would guess. But no, I don’t think he knows, he thinks she’s a strong dude and respects her strength, but I’m also not sure any of the previously slaves the MC bought know SHE is female.

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