Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 60.2

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  1. Dumb as rocks they needed the help of that evil alchemist for one little girl and she killed him so do they think can beat, jokes she’s getting stronger while their talking.Lmao

  2. I’m so proud of my baby girl LingYue, she’s gone a long way!
    Those mountain sea sect doesn’t know when to throw in the towel and give up. Which part of stupid are they from? Then again we wouldn’t have a story if they aren’t stupid.

    Another awesome update, thanks TypischAndy and Leaf!
    Stay safe everyone!
    For those in the NorthEast US, stay warm and build a snowman!

  3. So it is her fault you brought an evil cultist in? Lol. Do they not realize if he would have continued doing harm, their entire family woukd have been executed?

  4. the hatred hm… lingyue work really hard to get her ass on top.. but you claimed that they didnt deserved it? meh..

    thank you TA and leaf ^^ i thought im wrong that i see the next chapter on the bottom of the page 😂

  5. She’ll have another chance in life and will be able to move on xD
    Ling Yue will find a step father for herself and ship them together while Hong Fang will burn with jealousy 😏

    1. I have a feeling hong fang isnt her father. Knowing these kind of stories, hong fang was probably a retainer of some great person who disapeared and then betrayed them. And that great person is her father.

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