Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 282.5

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  1. The beginning of the end of Yuheng’s relationship with her mom. Sigh. I do feel like the author threw these wrenches in Yuheng’s plans to create obstacles. Not everything can go smoothly.

  2. the only problem for me is to catch up to the character’s name, some character didn’t appear for like 40+ chapter and suddenly appear again, and i already forget the name lol, i want the Steel Refining arc to start soon

  3. And forget about Aheng younger brother being kidnap and make him lost his one of his fingers, getting more and more interesting story coming up

  4. bah this story is becoming boring with all this lame drama… it started so well but now it is just a curt drama,no more medical skills or tricks. hope it gets better,it be sad to abbandon it. tyvm for the updates

  5. I wonder why would she do that… Ahhh…. Kangyi probably knows that Aheng’s mom likes the dimsum of Feng family’s 3rd wife and so she secretly put something on the mixture to get back to Aheng for beating Rujia up. Tsk.

  6. Yaoshi is Aheng’s mom? I’m starting to get all these names mixed up. Might need to start keeping a chart of tall the characters soon.

  7. Oh boi, so even this seemingly friendly consort was bad? By her reaction, it seems she was at the very least aware something about those foods was bad. If it’s true, then Aheng no longer has any reason to not anihilate that crappy family.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

    1. Anshi is not the culprit…it’s her servant who did it on the order of 3rd prince. The stupid servent also does not know that the 3rd prince has killed her family and used her. Aheng will find it everything…read my above comment.

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