Above All Gods Chapter 82.5

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  1. This was great! What would have been better? Not much. If anything they could have the arrogant woman trying to sell her disciples with daddy’s power just say some smack and then get her ass beat. Have a feeling that this MC is more I don’t give a rat’s a*s but he feels like he will accommodate my thirst for some gender equality. Cultivator world is all about might makes right so you can’t put emotionally weak women and men who are overpowered by being too horny and still make them OP compared to the other powerhouses without some serious plot armor and lack of story legitimacy…

  2. Seeing a thot being slain is truly satisfactory. More so than anything else. It’s better than porn. XD
    Ah~ thank god it’s not like The Peerless Concubine. I’ve dropped that shit but this… this is great.

    1. i know right? the problem is that most author follow the idea that females = weak = take a long time to get stronger [although they were strong enough before but cuz they went to another body, they need to “rebuild”]= they are emotional creatures than need to show anger WITH emotions = will make them weak = there is going to be a ML that is much stronger than the MC because he is male /shrug

      While, males = they are fools but brave =they are strong [even if they are weak, they can skyrocket and become strong in seconds].

      It’s just recently that I am starting to see a new weave of having authors showing a strong female MC, but most of those authors go back to make them weak and dumb because they need to make the ML outshine the MC because “female audience” wants a prince charming and be saved and not the opposite..

      VERY few authors keep the female MC strong with a strong ML and with a very stubborn personality or a strong ML with a docile personality.

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