The Peerless Concubine Chapter 138.5

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  1. hahaha xD what the guy said it is true. they never ask when will the match start xD. That is something everybody assume to know but is so true. I hope Lin Ruge will make the sister cripple so the father will learn to not spoil his kids too much. It is fine to spoil but don’t allow that involve anyone else. Their freedom end when they disturb the freedom of others.

  2. Thank you for the update! Thank you for the update! Thank you for the update! Thank you for the update! Kick butt Ruge, and you know the b’tches if they can’t win fair and square they will cheat. I wonder what Zhiji trump card is? However, Ruge has 2 trump cards, 1 she is an immortal and 2 she has her boyfriend wantabe, gentleman Shen (13th prince). Now he will kill without a thought, but he has bad’ss background.

  3. Please, please, PUH-LEAZE let her suck all these moronic family’s energy dry (can she do it in public though? Eh who cares so long as half the b*tches actually fall this time). Its hard enough there’s one group stubborn enough not to leave her alone

  4. Please make Ruge give them the final blow to end their ruthlessness..those two siblings just so anoying chapter by chapter..I just want to slap them till they can barely to stand..geezzz

  5. Welp can’t wait~~ hope something surprise me next update~

    P.S. I’m literally becoming a couch potato now…I’m growing some mold…I need some light but people everywhere are coughing…scary… I need me some starbies
    P.P.S thanks 4 teh update~

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