Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 278.5

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  1. I just realised Aheng is wearing hanging bead hair ornaments and in Ancient China, these types of accessories were exclusively for the Emperor and Empress.

  2. he didn’t try to trip her.
    he took a first step into a combat stance. never got to finish it before she had him by the throat.

    follow it step by step.
    3rd before last picture – they pass each other 9or start to).
    2nd to last – he half turn to face her (her back is toward him while his back is no longer toward her – he turned to face her)
    last picture – by the throat – checkmate!

  3. I can’t seem to reply to people hitting the reply button on my computer. But Aheng didn’t strike him first. He tried to trip her first! Although probably still pretty vicious response to an attempted tripping. But I like it! Go Aheng!

    Also how is it that Aheng is the one discovering all the answers to the ones plotting against her man and not her man himself? haaha

  4. Isn’t Aheng just picking an apple? It just so happens it’s inside that idiot’s throat.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you all!

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