The Peerless Concubine Chapter 136.5

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  1. In cultivation society might makes right but sons are still usually treated better than the daughters. Ruge’s follower pretty boy managed to show up before the bratty girl mentioning how she endangered his life and Ruge saved his butt. If the bratty daughter wants to blame then she can’t involve her own damned family while doing so. One thing if it is only FMC family but she now involved her own and even left her Uncle to die only mentioning him after the father demanded. As said, men are valued here more than the women and the Uncle is an elder. Elders are valued more than the younger generations even. Top it off, she left her confinement that she was supposed to be in, even if for show. Girl screwed herself over on this one. Knew she was stupid and spoiled but still….

  2. Thank you timelessleaf and typischAndy. Honestly after chapter 132.5 I couldn’t read the next chapter because I couldn’t see they hurt her brother, but later when all good came. I’m relieved now 😉 just so annoy that the situation around at the moment…. when the virus will gone!!!

  3. Ty typish and leaf.

    🤣🤣 @sandii.
    I hope the father gives his daughter punishment. She’s a damn idiot!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  4. Hah!!! She’s crying to her daddy that she got beat up! Again! Damn I love this story. Now does every complainer understand why Ruge just doesn’t kill everyone of these best family connected buttholes. She can’t and have her family live! Even her mom would be killed, so they have to get stronger!! Then they can kill these assholes!

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