The Peerless Concubine Chapter 135.5

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  1. I love it!!! Ruge is so cool and beautiful. Love the last frame. Are her eyes changing color, in her previous life her eyes are blue. Her brother just sat down to heal he knows more trouble coming, bitches dad!! But she can’t just kill them now, I get it!!! But that Zhijiao is weak and pathetic, why doesn’t she fight Ruge herself. She’s gonna get someone killed, like her sister? Getting Ruge!!! Your man is nearby!! Gentleman Shen. Thanks for the update😘😘😘

  2. So this is a good thing. Now she needs to drain them dry. Calling FMC Mistress Mosquito now. So Mistress Mosquito needs to literally drain them dry until they hold no power and then destroy their ability to cultivate. If they can’t cultivate then they will be the her that was poisoned without the poison. Letting them live like that will be a fate worse than death in the cultivation world, especially for those arrogant women. Women like them would be lucky to get a good position in the red light district without any ability in the cultivation world.

  3. MC needs to kill them. They wont stop. If they family are dumb, they will want to avenge het but the mc can absorb more energy to get a higher cultivation level. I don’t know what the author is thinking.

  4. I’ve never ever been so frustrated by seeing a character alive. And it doesn’t fucking want to end. JUST DIE ALREADY, BITCH. PLEASE!

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