Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire Chapter 11.5

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  1. It is hard to hide antipathy from an animal, I really have no luck with dogs. Sometimes it is even worse when they like you. However, this degrades the position of maid who are naturally hostile to the creatures that are either fat, or gluttonous, or pink etc.

  2. These villains are so 1 Dimensional, but other than that, I wish these cannon fodder really could kill that dumbass fox. So ugly and demented, did she really have a past life in which she was mostly grown-up already? Because all I see is the ugliest lump of meat on the planet with zero IQ. Legit the only thing that separates her from being a mere animal is that she could understand human language :l

  3. What led them to the conclusion that it’s either the fox or them? In no way does she threaten their positions as maids so long as they only do what they need to
    Thanks for the chapter Eiryu and Leaf!

    1. It may seem quite weird at first, but its not as if it akes no sense at all. If you think about it, as a prince he doesnt have much freetime, which means, whenever he spends what little time he has with the MC, even if she is a fox, he doesnt spend it with his concubines, giving them less chances to get into his pants.

  4. Omg o>-<o Let her go evil thot!

    Thank you so much for your hard work Happy Sleeper 😀 I'm really enjoying this story to the fullest!

    This fox is so cute… If your cat is fat, it will just roll around… x'D

  5. I agree with A on the basis of, who the hell would be jealous of a pet? Is that real?! Evil girl go home! Only psychopaths hurt animals! Especially cute ones like a spirit fox.

  6. I think its record low iq, picking a fight and risking thier positions with an animal? Asking who dares to shove them inside the prince’s bedroom. And gifting a flower you stole from thier own garden.

  7. Damn.. I really wanna know who drew her like that.. So friggin cute🥰🥰

    If theres a plushie like that, i might just buy it..lmao

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