Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 164.4

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  1. Noooo I need more! I am waiting for more chapters of all kinds of manhua’s here 😛 Love them all thank you sooooooo much for posting all these series 😀 -^-^-

  2. nah the guy shes with is the guy that was in her country as a hostage and went back to his home the other prince as far as we know is back in her country

  3. theres no previous button after all this time. who is who anymore idk. princes of this that and the other places. i know who molian is. but where is prince of this Xiuluo nation vs the prince she has now was from some whatever nation? did she meet both here or just this one?

  4. This cliffhanger is ILLEGAL!!! and also, what happened to the prince? you know the prince dude who she went with into the tower when she was still princess Bei Yue.

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