Goddess Creation System Chapter 287.5

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  1. Hmmm.. I wonder what species he is having sharp teeth like that. After all the vampire act is done. And since he hates ghost, he wouldn’t be one right?

  2. This arc had the potential to be as complex as the first ones in China, finally there are more protagonists et a multi-quest before reaching the boss. Also Xiaxi’s character is as deliciously and masterfully crafted as her servant persona in the first arc. And for once she well and truly is out of her comfort zone (not actually military, not samurai, and yet she has to convincingly play the part). I find the quality of the first arcs coming back in the dialogues full of underlaying meaning. I never stopped liking this serie, but I had felt the last arcs were too easy, or were resolved too fast, this has the potential to be so much more difficult for her (and as such, enjoyable for us since readers are basically sadists XD )

  3. This arc seems so interesting, we have ghosts, we have a lot of mysterious, enigmatic, and good looking men, we have a new girl that promises drama, and OUR girl slayers bad ghosts. THIS IS SO COOL, THANK YOU FOR UPDATING ♥♥♥

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