Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 276

Uncategorized / Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

That’s why thank you, and I appreciate the people who decide to read here instead ^^ 



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  1. The actual fucking Empress, mother of the nation, to her nieces: A Heng is such a good girl she’s always so nice to me and recently even helped me profit so be sure to stay on her side

    but yeah sure FJY I’m sure they’d rather listen to an incompetent embarrassment of a husband than the woman who became mother of everything under the heavens and the Emperor’s trusted ally

  2. So, the feng idiot got some taste of his own crappy medicine, since he also likes to impose/consider his own opinion as truth. Well, Aheng does act much more honorable, since most of her epic burns are in response to acts against her or those close to her.
    Thanks for the update!

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