Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 276.5

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  1. So by FMC leaving them alive she gets to tie up the loose ends. Didn’t think that it would go through so well, great job author! Anyway, why are all those around and involved with her family this idiotic? You’d think they would distance themselves after realizing how many of the family’s plots have failed and/or backfired. But no, they keep getting further involved, even those who know who is backing the FMC and ML. For cunning people out for more and more power that doesn’t seem like a good life or job choice to make. These guys are supposedly like modern day politicians after all. Walking straight from the fire pan and into the fire of their own violation without thinking about how they are going to end up….

  2. What does this Consort have to do with the 3rd prince? Help someone. We know he has been sending her gifts, looks like poison gifts. Why?????

    Love your update, thanks!

    1. Remember the case of poisoned well in the Northwest Army own by Xuan Tian Ming? The one where ten of thousands army got poisoned severely by consuming water from the well?
      It was the Third Prince’s doing, and for this task, he used the well-trained bird own by this Fifth Prince’s Mother Consort (Consort An)

  3. Wait, consort An should be the one the third prince is sending gifts from time to time, right? At least 2-3 chapters ago it should have been shown. Either way, this crazy woman has some connection to the bad prince, so it’s time to dig some gold 😀
    Also, love that treatment, something like warming up the affected area, with slaps, lolz. It just so happens that most of that brat is affected area.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome work! God bless you!

    1. That’s a very good rule for all men to follow. Sadly, the crazy popped out a while after getting the D inserted, thus it’s like a surprise present, just a really bad present 😀

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