The Peerless Concubine Chapter 134.5

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  1. This story has A LOT of potential for improvement. As of now, it feels like a child is writing it. There is no depth in the characters. It’s like a villain is pure evil and a protagonist always wins. It’s so flat that even with all these action, it’s still boring. Very little thought is put into progressing the flow of the story and mostly focused on showing off how OP the MC is.

    Also, does anyone even still remember that Ling Ruge was initially a Celestial Being that was fallen and reincarnated into the MC’s body?

  2. Really she can’t just kill off these idiots, they are from the 3 top families and from a sect master’s family and his students. Sect master Wan is right, fighting for Ruge should stop but that is not going to happen, since they even picked on her when she had no abilities. Idiots are idiots but these idiots have big families and even stupidier friends and students. Now you know why when the emperor killed off a family he wiped them out to the root, no one left alive. Not even a baby. Ruge and her family will just have to get so strong that people are afraid to fight them or marry into a powerful family that will back them up. Back ground is everything to these people.

  3. My only complaint besides the repetitiveness of this story is how the parents of almost everyone but FMC’s gang have such a bad upbringing… Like what the F* are their parents even doing? Are they just there so the ignorant spoiled ass kids can be like… “See, we aren’t orphans!” or some crap? Even orphans grow to adulthood without parental guidance better than these twats. Having a family with money only allows them to flaunt more power but doesn’t seem that they inherited any intelligence from their parents at all. Our FMC did, but she also inherited some unnecessary amount of mercy in a world where that will only get you killed… brother did too.

  4. Pft. She’s gonna spare them again, and they’ll return later as arrogant second tier nitwits who still think they can win for some reason.

  5. Finally someone actually got seriously injured. It’s pretty obvious they’re all prideful idiots that will never leave Ruge alone, so I don’t get why she has taken hardly any of them out of commission

  6. I’ll bet the whinning, can’t fight younger daughter goes home and tells daddy on Ruge. She’ll of course leave out the people she brought to kill Zhiyi and 5th brother Yan. A sect master vesus a martial pope master? That’s not even fair, but that’s what boyfriend’s are for!!! Get um Gentleman Shen!!!! I love to see these arrogant people get beat up, over and over again!!! Doesn’t bother me, more updates please, I almost died last week!

  7. another excuse not to deal out the proper punishment. stupid story. and the guy is just ging to stand there and talk as she does that? this story is retarded lets just get rid of this story.

  8. Thanks for the update. Repeated formula sure, but at least she’s absorbing again AND she finally injured the b*tch personally out of anger. So, better than usual

  9. How do you say “Itadakimasu” in Korean?

    Ruge is so having a power feast there.

    Thanks for keep uploading these chapters. So much needed in these times.

    May you all and your loved ones stay healthy and those who are affected,may you have a speedy recovery.

  10. It’s a pity It’s repeating itself, her enemy are doing the same pattern, hate, unreasonnable, retard…

    It’s sad to say that but yes It is a bit boring but I like it though I hope the author will improve the plot a bit

    Thank you so much for your hard work leaf! Hope you are safe!
    In France, It’s just the beginning and I hope we’re going to be stronger after that! I pray for all the people to be safe or to survive to this disease.

  11. Chapter 135: Ling Ruge defeats and absorbs enemy energy
    Chapter 136: the young mistress will take revenge and cry with her father and Ling Ruge will also be forced to fight with the father for the humiliation of his daughter

    It’s boring…

  12. Finally something happening. Although it is still the same troupe, but at least it’s not just bickering, but a bit of combat and punishment 😀

  13. I think I already know what that btch’s family reaction would be next. I bet they’ll be “how dare you bully us, Ling Ruge, how can you be so vicious, blah blah blah”

  14. Thats what u get 4 tryin to hurt her brother to get to and she turn it around and smash the shit out of yous. But we know its gna get twiced again.

    But thnk you for the update keep up with the good wrk.

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