Pupillary Master Chapter 33

Uncategorized / Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

I think it’s actually our 2 year anniversary sometime this month for Timelessleaf. So thank you all for supporting us during these 2 years ^^ !




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    1. You do remember that she was an assassin on her previous life? She’s also an orphan and a thief so don’t expect her to be a goody to shoe.

  1. Wow, the pig is certainly a being of his era, we still kinda do the same (blaming the weak for being weak) but as a modern girl obviously it’s shocking to still hearing that. I’m pretty sure that the MC won’t abuse him, I hope this new guy could heal his wounds and become loyal to her because he wants to.

    Ps. Congrats in your 2nd birthday guys ♡ leaf and co. haha 🙌🏻

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