Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 90.1

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Please give your thanks to Yazuakie + Tisi + Hygge! 😀 Kinda cranky cause my iphone locked me out by itself = =”




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  1. I cant understand xingtu at all…just how he is reborn with her…where is his virginity mark..?? And why he killed her..& WHAT are his feelings for her!!!!.damn it..just 😵open up the case confusing..

    1. I don’t understand all of it either, but as for the virginity mark, my best guess is that, unlike her, he was not actually reborn. He cast the spell to do so and was actually sent back in time. Hence why his mark is gone, because he is still the same Xingtu whose virginity was forcibly taken by FL. As for why he killed her, I’ve seen comments that he was forced. I’m not sure if that is true. It could have been to weirdly protect her and give her another shot at survival, since she doomed herself in their first life.

      I agree that Xingtu’s feelings are difficult to read. I think his feelings toward her are incredibly complex and for good reason. The fact of the matter is that she raped him, which is already bad enough. On top of that, despite being the victim, since his mark was gone, he was no longer ‘pure’. His devotion was put into question and he was removed from the priesthood. It is clear that his devotion to his god was the most important thing in his life. And FL stole that from him by her selfish act and violation of him. To add to the shit pile, he was essentially forced to marry her because his ‘value’ was removed, as he was no longer a virgin. So Xingtu had to marry the woman who wrecked his life and was his perpetrator. Literally every time they slept together, it was pointed out that he always closed his eyes and never initiated. It was always HER. So, really, it’s pretty strongly inplicated that every time they had sex, it was one-sided and nonconsensual. But Xingtu relented because he ‘had’ to, as her husband.

      Did he love her? I think for probably a long time, he didn’t and in fact might have hated her. Understandably. He was cold and threw insults because he was bitter and it was all he was able to do against her. But after 7 years, those feelings might have imperceptibly changed and he grew to love or at least care for her in a way, despite himself. Akin to Stockholm Syndrome, you might say. Hence, likely why he cast the spell for her to be reborn. Over the years, he felt some level of devotion and deeply complex emotions. He could rewind her life and give her a chance to live, but also live his own (maybe).

      That’s how I see it, anyway.

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