Pupillary Master Chapter 27.1

Uncategorized / Monday, March 9th, 2020

I took a one day break yesterday we’re back on track now 😛



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  1. Why do people automatically assume any person in disguise is male?
    Ah, but that’s useful for the plot – further misunderstandings and/or hilarities will surely come!

    1. Because in that city, you live only your own power. He must find the antidote or die, in that situation pure adrenaline and fear keeps you moving because to stop is death. Also plot. Plot makes every fictional world turn. That’s why stories like Game of Thrones begin to suffer after initial success, he fought ‘plot armor’ by removing ‘plot’ to the point he forgot how the story ends, so instead of going out with a unique ending it will most likely remain unfinished or become nonsensical and forced. Books don’t need predictability or plot armor, but they do need plot so suspend your disbelief into the realm of possibility based on the world you’re reading.

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