Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 88.3

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  1. On the one hand, it seems he wants to keep her alive and is helping her. I thought he poisoned red haired guy out of yandere obsession,but it is at least…slightly ish more excusable with this reasoning. Although, not really since he could have just…told them. But WHATEVER

    but daaamn. What a snake. Stealing Xingtu’s credit. I have no doubt he was the one to revive her. He keeps coughing up blood for goodness sake! Lishang really is an obsessive, manipulative yandere type. >>

  2. HESSSSSSSSS LYING guys it was in one of the previous chapters when this crazy guy looked into her ex’s memory

  3. Wow dude, that’s low, stealing someone else’s thunder to further your goals along. That’s why she doesn’t love you. It’s never out of love but selfishness.

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