Above All Gods Chapter 71.5

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  1. the main thing lacking besides nostrils is that the main girl has not had any development and so ppl say she sucks. its his fault for not picking her up and making anything out of her. he hasnt done anything to bring out her potential. and she gets almost no screen time while most of his screen time is sitting around bored!

    1. everyone would hate on the girl unless if she is the typical tsundere or she openly love him unconditionally even if it is without reason; aha thats how it is now adays

  2. they should be calling them grand elder out of respect xD. when will they understand that he is the so hero/anti hero they heard about. o_o… maybe he doesn’t look the same as he used to? but the author didn’t say anything.

    1. Author clarified that he doesn’t look the same, when Huode wasn’t able to recognize him. That said, noone has given any indication as to who he is, and it has only been clarified thus far that Huode and one of the elders [who misjudged the value of the MC in his previous incarnation] even knew him to begin with. Considering the era, it isn’t as though his form would be recognizable to many hundreds of years after his disappearance, especially if it had any changes at all. Though, again, from the interaction with the two who were indicated to have known him in the past, his form seems entirely different.

  3. Just for say, every girls (except the senior thot) until now is better than the fake plain lover.
    But surely the author would beg to differ, and now created a situation where maybe mc need to save her from another relationship with an unpleasant guy.
    When this author stop to give so much importance to the background of this plain girl, it’s annoying..

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