Pupillary Master Chapter 16.3

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  1. take back what’s yours my dear!

    thanks for daily update Leaf! 😊😊😊
    goodluck in your exam, nail it! and follow your heart when choosing the answer, surely you will passed a high score. (*based from experience*) πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  2. thank you so much for the update!!!

    this is a truly good FL… I am crying out of happiness. I saw so many strong and independent FL that once reincarnated missed their style. This Is kind of like ghostly doctor, but this one is much MUCH better. I would say more refined!

    About time to see a MC that will keep their personality and living style intact and actually use it to her advantage in the new environment. In this new world that magic exist, blindness is meaningless if you are a martial artist because your sense are improved and your cultivation will allow you to see at least to certain point until it is cured or well if it is not curable, you can still see and your other senses will get better and magic will be a great aid.

    If in our reality, blind people do improve their senses, imagine in that kind of place…

    please more!!!! thanks for picking this mahua!!!!!

  3. Aww I was busy for a few days so I finally caught up. I’m liking this one. She’s so badass way better than Lin Ruge. I hope she stays this way. The ML is interesting as well. hahah

  4. What happened to her grandpa? And how and when will she know that, that bitch stol something that belong to her.!😠😜

    I like her personality.😜☺ I’m expecting more fights to come.

    But wait, I love the guy she met in the mountains. Who is he exactly! I’m curious about his identity and when they will meet again!☺

  5. Liking this 1 a lot love her 20 century attitude the ML is bad azz. I just hope the writers don’t change her personality. I wonder what happened to the grandpa and will she get the seal back I want to see how she gets into the academy hmmm

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